[4K] DREAMS IN AUSTRALIA : ‘Eka DesMa Euta KATHA” : New NEpali short movie : Heart touching

[4K] DREAMS IN AUSTRALIA : ‘Eka DesMa Euta KATHA” : A Heart Touching Nepalese FILM : 2018

Synopsis : A story about a student in Australia who unfolds his depth of thoughts hoping for freedom.
After months of planning and thinking to make some short movies , managed to make at least 1 here in feb,2018 . Life became too busy in sydney, AUstralia. Had to face different struggles and hardships. However, the hunger of creation never deprived. Telling stories has always been a passion. Continuing the same , this movie got into shape.The movie was shot in extra time that I could manage during my works. This work truely is an output of a VOLUNTEER work and passion to create. There could be several technical aspects , that could be done much better, but during limited time and resources, TELLING a STORY was mine main concern. Hope to be shared , appreciated and INSPIRED as usual. There would be definitly , more short movies on near future.

Finally I would like to thank (cast)Aabhar for his honest work.He showed his GREAT interest in creating story
and handled his ACTING part wonderfully. I am really glad I got to direct him and create this short movie with him.

Also I would like to thank my supporters , who believed me and provided their interest in a short notice. As I believe SHARING IS CARING . The whole project is to showcase , that BEING HUMANS , WE CARE. Helping HANDS should Always exist and BELIEVED. Hope is WHAT , Driven us this far as a PROGRESSIVE civilisation.

Last , not the least , thanks to my wife , Binnie Rhea , for always supporting in spending so much time in these crazy ideas I have and thanks for my family and friends who have always believed in GOOD DEED.

#ankit KC #2018
CAST : Aabhar Subedi Wizz Abbas
Project : DREAMS IN AUSTRALIA : ‘Eka DesMa Euta KATHA”
0426662070 , ankittrinity@gmail.com
https://www.youtube.com/user/ankittrinity 200+ videos online


thanks a lot for supporting !

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