#Movie #Review : #TENET #australia #sydney AUG 22 2020

Movie #Review : #TENET #australia #sydney….no spolier … I was lucky one who got the to see earlier screening of the movie. REVIEW : The movie is like physics lecture with no heart along and is made for smart people who like to solve puzzle and the others loving fun will be bored to death !!!. The movie is similar to momento with bigger scale and budget. However, I throughly enjoyed the movie , but others were sleeping and leaving the Hall. Nothing great like Inception and interstellar. But , concepts actions were top notch. If only, there was some heart and emotions applied in it .But as i Said, the audience group for the movie is limited and like me , they will enjoy it for sure , while others will just walk away from the cinema hall !!!


“SUNIL & SUNITA “Such a wonderful family , I am blessed to work for. It was a great experience to go through , capturing their cute moments from MAternity photoshoot to BABY BOY “RIHAAN”. Not long ago, Sunil called me for Maternity photography and asked me for my photography services and that was that. Its been a while now and “RIHAAN “is growing up with such a cute smile in his face. I truly feel blessed to be part of the family. I enjoy taking pictures and capturing moments and being part of this happy experience is heavenly . Finally , not the least, Sunil’s father & mother , made me feel home with such warm love and kindness, always drives me to create more….. ” #ankit #2020 #photography #sydney #maternity



Here is the link below : video film :: HAPPY WEANING CEREMONY “RIHAAN” :FILM :SYDNEY : ANKIT KC